Time For Thanks

Everyone here at Borkholder Furniture appreciates the business and support we receive from the retailers we serve everyday. Sometimes though, we think it’s simply time for a more formal “thank you” from our team.

That in mind, our hardworking sales representatives made some special visits this summer to dealer partners who have helped us grow significantly in 2015. They carried with them a “timely” gift, handsome clocks featuring plaques that read: “In appreciation of your commitment to the success of Borkholder Furniture.”

Below are pictures capturing presentations to executives at FurnitureLand South, Birchwood Furniture Galleries, Farham’s Furniture and Pedersen’s Furniture. We value our relationships with all of you and are grateful to count you among our family of Borkholder dealers!

Borkholder representative Ted Bloomfield congratulates Bryan Frischbutter, Birchwood Furniture Galleries

Sales manager Bob Madigan and retailer Paul Pedersen are recognized by Borkholder representative Cal Hardy (center)
Borkholder representative Steve Terrell with Aileen Beeson, FurnitureLand South, Tom Halvorsen, Borkholder, Jeff Harris, FurnitureLand South and Becky Greene, FurnitureLand South
Borkholder representative Don Blosser thanks Chaz Farham, Farham’s Furniture
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