Regarding HENRYs

Borkholder Furniture vice president Tom Halvorsen and furniture designer Catina Roscoe have been on the road lately talking with leading retailers around the country about just what makes our company so different.

Much of their presentation focuses on how we pair world-class furniture designers with talented Amish craftspeople to create heirloom quality, solid wood furniture using time-honored techniques passed down through generations. The team also talks about the fact that all of our exclusive designs are produced in the heartland of America, and how each new collection is designed to build upon the last, so that every new Borkholder piece intermingles beautifully with others people may already own.

Pamela Danziger’s book Home for HENRYs explores a brand new style of luxury tailored to the lifestyle and budget of new generation of consumers.

In recent visits to Furnitureland South in North Carolina, and NB Liebman Furniture and Penn Dutch Furniture in Pennsylvania, talk also turned to the HENRYs. HENRY stands for Higher-Earners-Not-Rich-Yet-Consumers, a segment of the elusive Millennial demographic first identified by author Pamela N. Danziger in her books What Do HENRYs Want and Home for HENRYs. President of Unity Marketing, the author is an internationally recognized expert specializing in consumer insights about affluent consumers.

“The HENRYs are an emerging demographic that every business in America needs to understand,” Catina says. “They are hard-working, tech-savvy, hip consumers whose focus is on not the quantity of their consumption, but the quality. They are looking for quality made products, hand-crafted or ‘maker’ products that are made in the USA, and above all, they seek products with a story. When they purchase, they want to buy products that serve a greater purpose.”

And according to Catina, Borkholder’s continually evolving product line speaks directly to this younger, hipper audience. “Clean-lined and fresh, Borkholder Furniture breaks with the stereotype of traditional Amish furnish to produce products that appeal to a broader audience with a yen for quality and designs that will stand the test of time.”

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