Catina Suarez Roscoe

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Born in Cuba, Catina came to the US at an early age. Sensitive to consumer lifestyles, her love of Latin music, food and art are prominent in her life and work, and she finds inspiration in color, form, pattern and composition in the world around her. Founder of Catina Unlimited Design, Catina has developed an affinity for designing solid wood products that express just the right mood or emotion for an environment. With numerous successful collections for leading manufacturers throughout her three-decade career, she intuitively balances traditional with contemporary, and the familiar with the unexpected. She is an executive board member of the American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD) and her studio is a repeat finalist and winner of the Pinnacle Award.

Furniture designer Catina Suarez Roscoe sits down with John Conrad from “Design Between the Lines” to tell her story.